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Ptypix is a small company based in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Ptypix was formed by a group of developers, graphic designers, programmers, server experts and marketing people. The idea was to offer our services in a more down to earth way, without all the protocol often found in bigger IT companies.

The partners are the ones doing the work. We know our customers, because we deal directly with them at the most basic level, and can provide fast responsive adjustments and adaptation.

The dream we all shared as a group of friends who just wanted to make a comfortable living using our various trades, we now share as partners of a team with offices in Panama City, Panama, San José, Costa Rica, Raleigh, USA, and Venice, Italy.

Our international background also allows us to offer our customers with multilingual support. We currently offer English, French, Spanish, Italian as basic languages, with German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) outsourced but available.



Republic of Panama

Costa Rica

United States